Do What Makes You Feel Alive

“How much money can we make in entry level, manager level or vice president level positions?” “What is the average increasing rate of salary in three or five years?” “How can we prepare our resumes to be more ‘sexy’?” “What kind of titles can we get in PR agencies or corporations?” “Do local companies want to hire international employees?” Last night, Professor Jasso offered us a chance of answering any questions, such as facing choices in upcoming academic tracks, future career development in PR and more.

Professor Jasso asked us, “ Regardless of the expectations of others, the mainstream sense, or the things you thought you SHOULD do, what do you WANT?” It is a sort of “chicken soup for the mind” life advice that we can always hear from others, and we don’t even keep it in mind anymore. This tacky question is quite important at each stage of our life, and we may need to take several years of our life to figure it out. I started to think about myself.

I got to know the communications field and wanted to be a journalist before I went to university. After I had entered college, I found that as a journalist in my country, I would face restricted circumstances and unspoken rules all over the industry. I became confused about what I should do in the future for a long while. However, I met my PR professor, who gave me a lot of inspiration and made me realize that PR was something I could try. After short years of exploration in PR, I kept asking if this is what I want to do. I started to narrow down my options, and technology PR feels more like “me” than other fields.

john_lennon_02_6(Picture credit:

Just like what Professor Jasso said, “If you love PR, but you don’t like people, you can be a research analyst.” Maybe it’s just a joke, but it still cheered me up as I have had same thought before. I talked to myself that “You don’t like empty and meaningless social interaction, but you do like PR, and you believe that every innovative technology that can change people’s life and bring meaning to our life is vital. You probably could be a good PR practitioner in this field because of this motivation and your passion.”

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